Мод Baritone - является системой поиска пути, интегрированную в Impact с 4.4 и в последних версиях стал отдельным читмодом!
Проект является обновлённой версией MineBot, оригинальной версией бота для Майнкрафт 1.8.9, переработанную для 1.12.2 и 1.13.2. Baritone делает фокус на надежности и особенно эффективности (он на 30 процентов быстрее, чем MineBot при расчете путей).



  • #tunnel to dig and make a tunnel, 1x2. It will only deviate from the straight line if necessary such as to avoid lava. For a dumber tunnel that is really just cleararea, you can tunnel 3 2 100, to clear an area 3 high, 2 wide, and 100 deep.
  • #goto x y z or #goto x z or goto y to go to a certain coordinate (in a single step, starts going immediately)
  • #explore x z to explore the world from the origin of x,z. Leave out x and z to default to player feet. This will continually path towards the closest chunk to the origin that it's never seen before. explorefilter filter.json with optional invert can be used to load in a list of chunks to load.
  • #cancel or #stop to stop everything
  • #follow player playerName to follow a player. follow players to follow any players in range (combine with Kill Aura for a fun time). follow entities to follow any entities. follow entity pig to follow entities of a specific type.
  • #goto portal or #goto ender_chest or #goto block_type to go to a block. (in Impact, .goto is an alias for .b goto for the most part)
  • #goal x y z or #goal x z or #goal y, then path to set a goal to a certain coordinate then path to it
  • #schematica to build the schematic that is currently open in schematica
  • #mine diamond_ore or #mine iron_ore to mine diamond ore or iron ore (turn on the setting legitMine to only mine ores that it can actually see. It will explore randomly around y=11 until it finds them.) An amount of blocks can also be specified, for example, mine diamond_ore 64.
  • #farm to automatically harvest, replant, or bone meal crops
  • #thisway 1000 then path to go in the direction you're facing for a thousand blocks
  • #version to get the version of Baritone you're running
  • #axis to go to an axis or diagonal axis at y=120 (axisHeight is a configurable setting, defaults to 120).
  • #click to click your destination on the screen. Right click path to on top of the block, left click to path into it (either at foot level or eye level), and left click and drag to clear all blocks from an area.
  • #goal to set the goal to your player's feet
  • #goal clear to clear the goal
  • #build to build a schematic. build blah.schematic will load schematics/blah.schematic and build it with the origin being your player feet. build blah.schematic x y z to set the origin. Any of those can be relative to your player (~ 69 ~-420 would build at x=player x, y=69, z=player z-420).
  • #invert to invert the current goal and path. This gets as far away from it as possible, instead of as close as possible. For example, do goal then invert to run as far as possible from where you're standing at the start.
  • #wp for waypoints. A "tag" is like "home" (created automatically on right clicking a bed) or "death" (created automatically on death) or "user" (has to be created manually). So you might want #wp save user coolbiome, then to set the goal #wp goal coolbiome then #path to path to it. For death, #wp goal death will list waypoints under the "death" tag (remember stuff is clickable!) 

Как установить

  • Скачать и установите Forge
  • Скачайте Baritone по ссылке ниже
  • Скопируйте файл Baritone.jar в .minecraft\mods
  • Запустите Minecraft
  • В чат игры ввести команды выше
  • Готово


Скачать Baritone